What a handsome fellow I am! Don't you agree?

I am Mr Blue-billed Duck and the most handsome fellow on the whole lake! The ladies are really very lucky that I am around .........



.... and I am Mrs Blue-billed Duck! These males at this time of the year are so silly, but they do get me all flustered and happy to watch their antics - I wonder what the show will be today, as Mr Duck has a wicked twinkle in his eye!

To impress Mrs Duck today, I think I will first show her how I can make a large circle of bubbles and small waves all around me. That should show her that I am full of energy, creative and have strong legs.


He he he. This is SUCH fun and look at her just watching while pretending not to watch too closely. Next I will put my head under the water and then explode out in a shower of water and bubbles - then a very quick shake and flapping of the wings should get me looking all handsome and attractive again. I am sure she will not be able to resist at all! This is usually the show stopper and after that ... dare I say things get easier!?

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Now Mrs Duck, would you like me to start all over again or are you quite ready to come over here and do a little preening before we have some fun? Come on, just a tiny little hint of your mood and I will respond so quickly you will not know what happened!

Why is there so little written here?

It has occurred to me from time to time that I actually have a blog on this website. I am not sure why, as I seldom seem to use it. Although not very inspired today, I thought I had better try and get some momentum ..... so what to write about?!!

Birds - enough said already and need something new.

Work - I am currently over worked and probably need a break from the overload.

Weather- not very inspiring and it is a little on the grey side today. Although fairly warm for April in Rome.

Noise - not sure why but the area I live in seems a little on the noisy side today! Building maintenance, street cleaning, buses, helicopters, trains in the distant and the odd neighbour showing signs of life.

Birds again - spring has sprung in Europe and the birds are "pouring" into Europe from Africa. I should be out having a look but after the last week at work, the energy levels are less than active.

Demonstration - the helicopters are monitoring the large demonstration in Rome today. They are expecting over 100,000 people to congregate in Circo Massimo (Circus Maximus), which is the field next to the building in which I work. It looks like the unions and a variety of political parties are fluffing their feathers. Must be the spring weather! and before everyone heads to the beach for summer

Siesta - now this sounds particularly attractive!! Aahhhh .... now that is a good idea!! See you all another day!

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