As the tallest member of the family, he also eats more than the rest of us put together!! It has been wonderful to see him growing in the last year or two but in a country of relatively small people, shoes and clothes can be a great challenge at times.

School is finished and now a serious choice of direction is needed, but this is still a little elusive at this stage. Hopefully his recent trip to Australia provided a few more ideas, meanwhile he organized himself a little summer job on a private yacht cruising the Baltic Sea! Need I say more ....... However, it turned out to be fairly typical northern hemisphere summer with the sun being very coy and not appearing from behind the clouds very often. While we were getting very tanned in Itlay, they were still running around in sweaters / jerseys.

IT-Brandon-Abruzzi-VH IT-Brandon-Br18th-VH

At this stage it looks like some sort of careeer in aviation maintenance may be on the cards, and Australia looks to be a fairly consistent destination for such training.

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