Well what can I say!! A wonderful lady that happened into my life in December 2003 and since then has been very much part of it. A small issue is that she works and lives in Canberra, Australia!!!! Need I say more......

Most of 2004 involved long flights and a little continent jumping for both. In December 2004, Glynn moved to Rome for 18 months and it was wonderful to be together. Now she unfortunately had to return to her job in Australia - the challenge is to sort out our lives in such a way that we can stay together! Both of us have reputations of finding the most complicated way of doing everything, but we are working on this small challenge.


Glynn is a very generous, caring and intelligent lady who happens to be a little on the shortish side. She also just happens to have blond hair, blue eyes and a northern European complexion!!?! She is great with people but generally a little quiet when socializing. Unless she happens to be with a few Bruce's and Sheila's, then anything is possible plus a bit more :-D Her main fault is that she is a "bug person" (entomologist) and spends hours watching and playing with creepy-crawlies, especially bees - so far they are not served as food, but others have been known to do this. This would be enough to strain any solid relationship!


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