A large range in architecture from pre-Etruscan to ultra-modern - how many countries can boast of such a range? When walking around Rome one is usually astounded by the range in architecture and it is not usually to find specific areas in Rome having a certain style or from a certain historical period. Not matter where one goes in the centre there many church spires in every direction. Unfortunately the equivalent in the suburbs are TV aerials.

However, as there are so many buildings and "ruins" to maintain, there is usually a fairly large number in disrepair. In addition, even new and utilized building in Italy are not maintained as well on the exteriror as they are in other countries. A pity in many ways, but it does add character. Look at my pictures of Rome and you will see a range of architectural styles.


IT-Basilica-Firenze-VH IT-Matera35-Baslcta45-VH

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