The Italian landscape varies considerably as well. The northern hills are art of the Alps with majestic mountains and plenty of snow in winter.

The Po Valley starts at the foothills of the Alps and is very flat and green.

The Apennine Mountains running the length through central Italy vary in height, ruggedness and beauty - the Abruzzi National Park is a beautiful place to visit in summer or winter.

Further south it generally gets a little drier, but no less fascinating. Due to the Mediterranean climate, summers are usually hot (very hot in some areas and seasons) and very dry and brown by autumn. The climate also means springs are wonderful times of lush growth and activity - if you want to visit Italy, this is probably the best time. Although autumn is also a good period for vacation.

There are also a number of islands off Italy from Sardinia & Sicily to much smaller islands such as Alba and Ventotene. This gives much to explore, while getting out and relaxing.


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