Relax ..... what is that? No, it is not that bad and there are a range of things one can do to relax around here. However, most options are more enjoyable in summer, unless one enjoys skiing or freezing ones extremities - I suppose I would not say this if I had lived in northern Europe for a few years. Beats the "muddy little island" a bit further north!


The beaches along the coast here cannot even begin to compete with those in Southern Africa. Beaches are generally over crowded and very dirty - one has to travel a fair distance to get something that is acceptable to us. The waves are also a little bit of a joke! I really look forward to the day when I can into decent surf again.

However, having said that the coastline is vary varied and does gives some options that do not exist in Southern Africa. For example the Amalfi coast is stunning, rugged and truly beautiful in summer - just not many beaches, places to park and the crowds ....... The other major attractions are the islands (especially Sardinia and Sicily). Here one is able to get the amazingly blue seas and summer weather is great because in generally does not rain in summer!!




I need a separate website for this :-))

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