Birds and Birding

This is what I do to try to stay sane - although some of my friends will probably suggest this needs more attention or that I started because I was already over the edge!

Although an ecologist at heart, birds are those creatures that have my attention more than others. Not only are they usually delicate and beautiful creatures (the odd one is darn right large, mean and ugly), but they have character and mystery. We know so much about them, yet as we go along we are finding there is an enormous amount we do not know about them, particularly when it comes to behaviour. I am not going to repeat my other work here, so if you want to find out a little more about birds, please visit EcoBirds

What birding really does for me is to get me out of the city (although it is possible to bird comfortably in many large cities e.g. Buenos Aires), allows me to relax and get away from the hassles of everyday life - essentially a little escapism. A bonus is the many wonderful people one meets, such as Magnus (a Swedish Roman or Roman Swede!?!?) and Beng (Malaysian).


IF you are totally bored and cannot find anything better to do, there are some "bird" stories in the blog that we have been conned into producing for the local UN monthly magazine - it provides for more job security than producing a UN gossip column.

For more recent bird images by country, follow the links on the left. Otherwise some birds images, mostly older and of very variable quality, through EcoPort. One day I will get them all uploaded into EcoPort .....

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