The nature around us never ceases to amaze me in terms of beauty, tolerance, adaptability and variation. Nothing around us stands alone but is part of a complex series of interactions and usually dependencies. Man on the other hand does not seem to realise that they are part of this complex web of life, and we seem to do our best at disrupting and damaging what is around us. Most of us are far too busy making money with short-term objectives and gain in mind. No wonder some are beginning to panic about climate change and this is probably long overdue. Perhaps the primarily captitalistc world in which we live will now realise we need a social and ecological consience to capitalism.

In my wonderings around the world I have been extremly priviliged to have visited many different parts of our planet and a variation of our habits. It is really only in recent years that I have started to document some of what I see around me. Birds and birding is fortunately, or unfortunately, my primary passion but this has not meant that I do not appreciate or see anything else. So I thought I would share some of my images and I hope you enjoy them as much a I do. These images are by no means completely representative or exhaustive - I just wish I had been doing this from the very beginning!

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